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Quill Media strives to be an exceptional and relevant source of new and student perspectives, connecting the Ospreys of Animas High School to each other and the community. Animas Quill Media has been active since 2013 creating the best content dedicated to AHS news all written by students of each grade level. The many accomplishments that followed Quill Media have been extraordinary, this group of people have even once changed school policy! The Quill Media will always be striving to create the best content such as Feature Stories, Videos, and capturing Live Events!

About Us 


2014 - 2022

Twin Buttes 

Quill Media began as a journalism class teaching all ospreys how to create and provide content as journalists and writers, taking on the task to provide news for those who where interested in our school, the yearbook, and news prints. Writing hundreds of articles and stories students have been hard at work throughout this time

2023 - Present Day

Osprey Way

From the move between twin buttes and osprey way, Quill Media is striving to find success in expanding their stories and news coverage, this website is designed to become a platform where all news of AHS Quill Media lives!

Year of 2024

Animas Quill Team

A team full of hard working ospreys providing the most recent and reliable news of Animas High School since 2013.

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