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Emergency Response

Students in the Emergency Response Osprey Block got a chance to learn a lot about rescue protocols and careers in emergency medicine. Students were mentored by first responders in order to get all the tools they need to get their WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certification.

The students in this group experienced a lot of different learning opportunities, such as traveling to the Silverton Search and Rescue building, doing a walkthrough in Mercy Hospital’s Emergency Room, doing simulated protocols with professional first responders, and getting hands-on experience with the Upper Pine Fire Crew.

Instructor Peter Bradley shared, “I think students learned how to think on their feet and apply information they learned in many different settings in their lives, as well as getting exposed to alot of career choices they can do right out of high school with no college diploma.”

This impact was shown through students getting a passion for this work and opportunity. Senior Cedar Fisher, who is interested in going into this work someday, expressed, “I am grateful for the course because I was able to meet some people in my field and work towards securing an internship.”


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