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Globalization and Trade

Sophomore students in Sarah Brockett’s Humanities class completed mini-projects on globalization and trade. Students were asked to choose an item to research and track its journey from manufacturer to consumer.

Students also looked at such factors the working conditions of the factories and the environmental impact their item’s production has on the planet.

On Thursday, they presented their findings to their peers from a collaborative map, where each student placed pins tracing their item’s journey. The map also contains QR codes that link to their findings and explain their research further.

Sarah shared, “I wanted students to realize that they are a part of a global world and that their choices have a direct impact on people on the other side of the planet.”

Student Kenna Howe shared “I found it interesting that almost none of the items were made in the U.S.”

Check out the map outside of Sarah’s classroom upstairs to learn more about the research that sophomores did!

Story by Violet Basley


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