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Native American Culture

The Native Culture of the Southwest Osprey Block, led by Head of School Rebecca Ruland, student teacher Oliver Kennedy, and Humanities teachers Genevieve Buzan-Dansereau and Sarah Brockett, took part in a three week long study of ancient and present day Native American culture, taking time to acknowledge the tragedy and beauty of the history.

The students’ final project was to create a piece that would portray the knowledge they learned. Many students created art pieces, while others collaborated in creating a rock wall inspired by the architecture seen at Pueblo Bonito.

Throughout the experience, the teachers stressed the importance of recognition and respect for Native American culture. Students all expressed their amazement when walking through the ruins of Chaco Canyon and other ancestral sites. During this block, students and teachers formed stronger connections through hiking and an overnight camping trip.

Genevieve reflected on the experience: “I am really grateful that over the course of three weeks we were able to cover a large chunk of history, and I’m especially grateful for our guest speakers that came in. Our students actually got to talk to a delegate of the Navajo Nation, and I’m hopeful that they have a wider view of government and sovereignty.”


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