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Special Relativity

The Special Relativity Osprey Block, led by teachers Kyle Edmondson, John Grotenhuis, and Emma Boone, dove deep dive on the fascinating topic of Space-Time. Alongside their students, they broke down Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation and how that applies to their topic. From learning about how mass dents space to actual time travel, this class was full of exciting out-of-the-box learning and projects in which both teachers and students were learning alongside each other.

The class took two field trips, a short field trip to the planetarium in Farmington where they learned about the history of our galaxy, and an overnight trip to Albuquerque, where they visited multiple museums such as The Natural History Museum and The Nuclear History Museum.

The class made multiple projects through the use of coding, engineering, and woodworking to show what they had learned. These projects consist of things such as a gravity well that shows the bending of space-time and the Michealson Morley experiment which was used to disprove the existence of ether.

Math teacher John stated, “I enjoyed learning with the students and unraveling the mystery that is space-time.”


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