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Water In The West

The Water in the West Osprey Block students adventured into the Ruby-Horsethief section of the Colorado River to experience the environment they have been learning about in the classroom.

Before and after they left, they studied the river's political, ecological, and hydrological aspects, how these parts affect humans, and how we have impacted their ecosystem.

Upon returning, they made they made laser cut wood engraved posters and a stream table

to showcase their understanding of the ecology and hydrology of the Colorado River and how it is changing.

Senior humanities teacher Lori Fisher’s hopes for her Osprey Block indeed came to light: “I have slowly come to the conclusion of how impactful an understanding of the area around you is, both to influence your actions and how to relate with the natural world. Throughout the course of my Osprey Block, I watched my students gain both academic knowledge and a deep appreciation for the natural world around us.”


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