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Wilderness Exploration

The students of the Wilderness Exploration and Landscape Studies Osprey Block, led by Cameron Elder, Britt Blasdell, and Dave Farkas, took a canoe trip down Meander Canyon on the Colorado River. Their time on the river consisted of learning about the geology of the canyon, visiting ancestral sites, water coloring and journaling.

The week before students left the trip, they learned about the wildlife they might encounter on the river. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Biologist Jim White came into class to talk about the native and non native fish on the Colorado River. Molly Taylor, an ornithologist and river guide, talked mainly about birds but also some other wildlife and indigenous flora and fauna around the area.

After the trip students came back and made final art projects based off of things they spotted on the river and the life changing lessons they learned. Come check out their beautiful art….

Britt shared her feelings on the experience: “The whole course was fantastic to me. Not only did I learn a ton about geography, ornithology, and the hikes, but it was also lovely just to unwind on a river alongside rad students, fishing, playing, paddling, cliff jumping, painting, holding campfire rituals, journaling, practicing yoga on the beaches, just having fun. It was really great meal planning, prepping gear, shopping and being creative and learning alongside the students on a river I had never been down before. My colleagues are so knowledgeable in this area and it was so fun to learn from them as well! It really was epic and I can’t wait to do it again!”


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