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Osprey Blocks

Osprey Block is a new innovative AHS program that gives students the opportunity to take a three week immersion into classes that feature new content and exciting excursions.

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Year of 2022 - 2023

Elizabeth Barrett
Assistant Editor 
Rosie LeCompte
Layout/Photo Editor
Micheal Jantz
Desmond Tsosie
Jessica McCallum

Though a few things may have been lost or shuffled around, (anyone looking for missing horoscopes should contact Kyle Edmondson) everyone seems to have found their way up to the "campus in the sky," and the Ospreys' migration is slowly becoming a thing of the past. After rain, shine, and snow days, believe it or not, readers, the Animas Quill is finally back! 

It seems our new building was just the start of many great things. All around us, we see the scaffolding of new ideas rising into the sky. Concepts once confined to blueprints are becoming realized as we speak. Even as we celebrate our progress, however, it's important to remember our history and roots. As you walk through the door in the morning, remember that this situation was made possible through the hard work of many dedicated teachers, parents, and students. Our founders had a vision for better living and education, and it's our duty to make sure that vision lives on. We keep it alive by daring to think outside the box, to step up, create, and inspire. 

We also must not forget that the land we stand on wasn't given up freely (see the Land Acknowledgement at the bottom of this page). The history of our campus–and our country–is spattered with blood and injustice. While it is impossible for us to right the wrongs of the past, we can and must make choices that lead to a better world going forward. Our school can be a safe place for every student in need, and a vehicle to an equal and educated society.  

So, Ospreys, welcome to a new issue, a new home, and a new era! I trust that our creative, driven community will put the huge gifts we've received to very good use. 

A Word from the Editor

T h e   A n i m a s   Q u i l l   S t a f f

Roses and Thorns

The natural light and stunning views streaming in through our plethora of beautiful new windows.

Osprey Week is back and soon! Can't wait to get out in the world with our peers and teachers for some good times.

The hallways are filling up with student art, the sound of music, and busy hum of project-based life 


New attendance policy makes us want to skip 4th period and run to McDonalds for a 10 piece nugget.

The bad decisions of a few bringing the heat down on us all. RIP bathroom doors.

Every moment brings seniors closer to the void of an unknown future.


World News Haikus

Riri and Baby

Showing the world how it's done

Who won the sports game!

Downed unknown object

Government keeps it quiet

UFO or not?

Noxious cloud of sludge

Railroad says it's all okay

Do we believe them?

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Porter Hilgenberg

Abigail Hoff

Cyrus Holt

Jillian Jackson

Michael Jantz

Zoell Lhomi Nuppa

Mia Macon

Kaitlin McCollough

Cassidy Novak

Nora Oliver

Niko Peterson

Topy Phillipp

Clay Poitras 

Zoe Ramsay

Zoey Rich

Cadance Schmidt

Ariana Silva

Chloe Sturm

Desmond Tsosie

Ava Twohig

Rosie LeCompte

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No upcoming events at the moment

News from the Nest

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iAM MUSIC Foundation

Gravity Lab is a locally owned, newly constructed climbing gym serving Southwest Colorado and the Greater Four Corners Region.


The facility hosts approximately 4,000 sq ft of climbing including bouldering features, a top rope/auto belay wall, instructional/beginners wall, a Kilter Board, campus board, and Spray wall.  Our aim is to inspire the advanced athlete while also catering towards the introductory climber.  Our space is designed to be open and community oriented, making it a great space for groups, events and a place to connect with friends.


A   M U S I C   E C O S Y S T E M

E M P O W E R M E N T / E D U C A T I O N / E V E N T S

iAM MUSIC is an affirmation and a collaborative hub for self-expression.

“As independent artists and musicians, we know this road isn’t always easy. We developed the music ecosystem to create access to music while offering support and mentorship. Once you commit to music, we offer a ‘choose your own adventure’ immersive method with a mission-driven incubation platform for artist development and networking. We offer both in-house and outreach learning pathways for musicians of all ages and skill levels to develop technique, express, evolve, perform, collaborate, and share the journey with a new music industry of emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs. There is no limit on what is possible if we get out of our own way and let creativity be the guide.”

iAM MUSIC Co-founder Ashley Edwards

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