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"What is the significance of satire"

Props to the freshpeople on their hilarious satire skits this week! The Class of ‘27 has been exploring the question “What is the significance of satire?” in their Humanities classes. The students were tasked with creating original satires in small groups, which they performed for each other and teachers in the Commons on Wednesday. One group made a video poking fun at the struggles with IC that many of us can relate to. (Swipe all the way right to see the video!)

They are looking into different mediums through which satire can be expressed with the goal of ultimately creating their own for a February exhibition. They will have various options to present their projects such as posters, videos, comics, and other forms of media.

9th grade Humanities teacher Genevieve Buzan-Dansereau explained that the question is intentionally vague so that students may find their meanings within the project. She shared, “Satire is significant to show the world’s problems, have people interested in problems, and to have laughter in the world,”

In response to the essential question of the project, 9th grader Lacy Ruggiero said, “The significance of satire is bringing attention to problems of the world, but also bringing humor to serious topics.”

Stay tuned for more information about their final exhibition!

Story by Toby Fecik


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